Category: Advisors

Daniel Drabo

Daniel Drabo Asgard

Daniel works as an analyst for Asgard while studying law at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin where he specialises in corporate law. Daniel is also a summer clerk with SMP focusing on startup financing and venture capital funds.

Dirk E. O. Westerheide

Dirk Westerheide - Asgard

Dirk E. O. Westerheide is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years’ industrial experience in automotive, manufacturing, logistics, real-estate and media. He has been involved in over 30 companies as founder, managing partner, CEO, board member, main shareholder and investor. 

Swen E. Hallasch

Swen is a serial entrepreneur and received a row of national and international entrepreneur awards. In 2017, he sold his last co-founded and market leading IT Cloud Consulting Business to Accenture – today better known as Accenture Cloud Services GmbH.…

Dr. Carly E. Howard

Carly Howard - Asgard

Dr. Carly E. Howard, Asgard’s head of fund operations, has over 12 years’ experience in banking, law and entrepreneurship.

Carly joined Asgard in 2017 from a career in financial services for family office and high net worth clients. She has extensive experience in wealth strategies consulting with major US banks including CIBC Atlantic Trust, Wells Fargo and BB&T Wealth. Prior to working with financial institutions, Carly earned JD and LLM degrees, practiced law with large US law firms and taught as a law school professor. Carly’s entrepreneurial ventures include angel investor / COO for a cosmetics startup sold in 2017.

A frequent author and speaker, Carly can be seen in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Miami Herald, Trusts & Estates Magazine and Regional Bus. Journal (“Forty Under 40”). Carly’s contributions to humankind include service as NEXUS impact investor, PhilanthroFest co-founder and Kula Project board member.

Benjamin Föckersperger

Benjamin is CEO of He previously started an online casino in Malta, and a browser game company.

Daniel P. Jeffries

Dan is a technology architect, futurist and thinker. After running an IT consulting company for a decade, he joined open source software pioneer Red Hat where he co-founded and leads the Artificial Intelligence Initiative Leadership Team. Dan is also a a sci-fi author and pro blogger.…

Marcel Thiess

Marcel has 10 years’ experience in online marketing. He is currently the CMO at ICO Force and managing director at Anchor Point Marketing with a strong focus on ICOs.

Milette Riis

Milette works for Asgard as an analyst. She started her PhD in Mathematics at the age of 20 at the University of Leeds where she teaches undergraduates. Fluent in five languages, she has worked in Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Paris and Dublin. Milette frequently lectures at maths conferences, presenting her original research.

Low Lin Hui

Low Lin Hui advisor of Asgard Singularity Fund

Alongside her business degree at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Lin started her first E-commerce business importing Spanish fashion to Asia. She worked for Asgard as an analyst.

Prince Ferdinand von Anhalt

Prince Ferdinand Von Anhalt

Ferdinand is a former lawyer at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and is currently a Real Estate Agent for Sotheby’s International in Los Angeles. He is a vivid connector amongst the movie and media industry in Hollywood.